Advanced Popular Performance Scheme (APPS)

The Advanced Popular Performance Scheme (APPS) promotes excellence in popular music by supporting student bands and vocalists with professional coaching and performance opportunities.

Big Band Roulette

Big Band Roulette is the big band with the big twist. The premise is simple. Every gig, we have a completely random band pulled from our pool of talented musicians, along with a brand new setlist, built around a novel...

Cambridge Sounds Playlist

The CMP is launching our showcase playlist Cambridge Sounds, where we will curate some of the best new music releases to be coming out of the University of Cambridge each term!

Cambridge University Hip Hop Society Logo

Cambridge University Hip-Hop Society (CUHHS)

For aspiring rappers, singers, instrumentalists, and music appreciators alike.


FlashBand can connect you to like-minded musicians and help you make your own band!

A student sings into a microphone

Songwriting Classes

Unlock your creative potential with Songwriting Classes!

The ACS Compozers

Promoting and inspiring music-making among African and Caribbean students.