The Cambridge University Hip-Hop Society (CUHHS) has become a student-favourite over the years boasting the most high-profile Hip-Hop events and socials Cambridge has to offer. This society welcomes all, regardless of musical skill, knowledge or expertise. We are simply a home of people who love playing or listening to Hip-Hop music. CUHHS hosts numerous events such as exhibition nights, society socials, speaker events and listening parties, to name a few. We encourage that any member who can rap, sing or play an instrument makes this known to the society so that you can participate and showcase your talents at our events.

For aspiring rappers, singers, instrumentalists, and music appreciators alike, CUHHS welcomes members of any college who enjoy playing and/or listening to Hip-Hop music.

There are no applications, memberships or special equipment required – all are invited to attend CUHHS events.

Stay in touch and find out about events on Instagram and Facebook.