Christopher Lawrence (tuba)

IAS: Manager; coach | CMP: lower brass auditioner

Melanie Ragge (oboe)

IAS: coach

Andrew West (piano)

IAS: coach

John Myerscough (cello)

IAS: coach | CMP: cello auditioner

Martin Outram (viola)

IAS: coach | CMP: viola auditioner

Alex Redington (violin)

IAS: coach

Maggie Faultless (violin)

CMP: Director of Performance; Director of CU Collegium Musicum; violin auditioner | Faculty of Music: Director of Performance | IAS: Artistic Director; coach

Sian Edwards

Artistic Advisor: conducting and orchestral music

Simon Fairclough


Chloe Davidson


James Richards

Communications Assistant

Alex Hall

Performance Assistant (Popular and World Music)

George Wise

Performance Assistant (Classical)

Jamie Rycroft

Finance Coordinator

Chris Andrews

Instructor: Music Production workshops