FlashBand can connect you to like-minded musicians and help you make your own band!

Whether you’re looking for some casual jam sessions with friends or a full-time group with regular gigs and performances, the Centre for Music Performance’s FlashBand is here to help you find the right people.

The CMP FlashBand mixer sessions are designed to help students find like-minded musicians and performance opportunities.  You’ll meet potential bandmates, discuss musical ideas, and have the chance to ask current students any questions you may have about the Cambridge music scene. 

FlashBand is open to students of all musical backgrounds and across all genres including Hip-hop, Jazz, Rock, Soul, Funk, Pop, World, and Folk music. 

There is one session this term, to help you find fellow musicians to play with.

Pianos, bass amps, guitar amps*, microphones, and drum kits are provided. Please bring your own instruments to use. 

*Limited Quantity – If you are happy to share your own amp, feel free to bring it.


Please let us know if you want to cancel your booking

Register your interest here 

Mixer Session Date is the 15th January 2024 6-9:30pm