Beyond Borders | Student bands unite for charity concert in Cambridge

Two student bands and a student DJ are teaming up to raise money for Morocco and Libya in the wake of natural disasters that have devastated the areas.

Quasar, Hot Content, and Edmo are hosting a fundraising gig on Monday 9 October at 10pm at Revolution, Cambridge, with all profit going to charity.

Beyond Borders is the brainchild of Jacob Benhayoun, a third year Historian at Trinity College and member of Hot Content. Beyond Borders made its debut in the Lent term last year, where it successfully raised funds for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake relief effort. Jacob said, “I co-ran the first Beyond Borders event with another student, Hale Salman. It was an event of the same format with Quasar, Hot Content, and DJ Talulah. We thought about how best we could bring people together, and raise some money too, and live music seemed like a great way to do that. So we got into contact with Revolution Bar, Clare Sound, and the respective acts, and were able to make something happen!”

Jacob continued, “For me, what makes something like Beyond Borders so special is that it’s amazing to know that as students we can come together and do something brilliant through live music. With Hot Content, we hope that people enjoy watching us perform and subsequently would be incentivised to come to the event, raising lots of money in the process.”

Collaboration was a natural choice for this event with Quasar participating in the last Beyond Borders gig. Jacob and rapper Reece D’Souza stayed in touch after last year’s concert, and Jacob said, “I’m a massive fan of Quasar and also Reece’s music individually, so, for me, it was a no brainer as to who should play on the night. Quasar have been an incredibly agreeable and supportive part of this endeavour. I was already acquainted with Edmo (Tom Edmonson), so I got in touch online as I know he’s a great DJ that I could rely on. He’s been incredibly thoughtful with the setlist he is cultivating, and I know he wants to make sure the night is a success.”

Jacob remarked that playing in a band has been a highlight of his time at Cambridge. He said, “It has definitely been the best thing for me here. Not only have I made incredible friendships with bandmates that will outlast university, but also I have been acquainted with a music scene that is rich with talent and incredible people. It is because of that sense of community that I felt able to ask Quasar and Edmo to take part in this. It’s absolutely something that I’d recommend.”

Tickets for Beyond Borders are available here from £5.