The CMP is delighted to launch the first update of Study Tracks, a curated Spotify playlist with music to help busy students focus during exam season.

We received a wide range of suggestions from staff and students across the University of Cambridge, with artists including Rival Consoles, Nujabes and Einaudi now featured on the list.

You can listen to the playlist here. If you would like to suggest your own favourite study track, you can submit your suggestion.

Simon Fairclough, director of the CMP, said: “Music can be such a valuable way of relaxing during the busy exam season, and many people find it easier to focus when listening to their favourite tracks. We hope this playlist provides a tuneful accompaniment to all the hard work and preparation – and we sincerely wish all students the very best of luck with their exams and deadlines between now and the end of term. ”

A few of the tracks featured include:

The Final View – Nujabes. Suggested by Alex Read

“Blends hip-hop and jazz. Lo-fi hip-hop has become a universally popular genre of study music, but Nujabes pioneered this style long before its re-emergence in its current guise decades later. Deceptively ‘simple’, so it’s great for when you need to get in the zone. But it contains a wealth of distinctive features – choosing oboe for the lead melody, the textural intricacies, the sampling, the polyrhythms…”

Recovery – Rival Consoles. Suggested by Annabelle 

“A clean, precise but intricate composition that is great for thinking clearly and thinking hard!”

Nuvole Bianche – Ludovico Einaudi. Suggested by Marlene Valek

“A simple but beautiful piano piece that makes me think of the night sky, endless possibilities, and longing.”

Slow Twitching Organs – Nico Muhly. Suggested by George Wise

“Semi improvised organ/viola/marimba – very pretty and ambient, I played it in Clare Chapel, and apart from getting a marimba in there, it was a very relaxing experience”

We wish all Cambridge students the best of luck in their upcoming exams, on behalf of the Centre for Music Performance.