Notorious is Cambridge’s leading upper voices a Cappella group. Formerly called the Sidney SusSex Pistols, as we originated from Sidney choir, Notorious is currently in our eighth year. We are a uni-wide girl/NB gang, singing covers of all your favourite pop, jazz, indie tunes and more! Always a crowd pleaser, our repertoire includes American Boy, Love on Top and Eurythmic’s Sweet Dreams, as well as the iconic Daft Punk mashup, which is one of the songs we perform at our spring performances. We hold our own concerts year-round as well as perform at May Balls. Notorious also produces many of our own arrangements, so you won’t hear another group quite like us! Location and time of rehearsals TBD, but we historically perform at Emmanuel Chapel on Thursday nights.

We accept members of various musical backgrounds, but experience with keyboard/piano or conducting or musical arranging would be fantastic. We also would love to get a beatboxer to join! Students can audition at the beginning of Michaelmas term by scheduling 15 minute auditions in person via a sign up form. We hold auditions in person the first weekend after term begins, but people may make other arrangements for auditions by emailing us. We occasionally hold auditions in the middle of the year if we need a spot filled and will advertise as necessary. It is free to join, but we need you to commit to a weekly rehearsal. We hold concerts and perform at May Balls to support our group financially. Notorious is open to upper voices (sopranos and altos) from any college, but also non-students who are affiliated with the University of Cambridge.

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