Guitar Lessons

The Centre for Music Performance will be offering guitar lessons on a trial basis this year.

Group lessons for beginners

Ever wanted to pick up guitar? 

Brand new for this academic year, The Centre for Music Performance is offering students the opportunity to learn the guitar as part of a pilot scheme. Beginners will be able to access free small group tuition on Monday evenings throughout term time. Sessions run 7:30-8:30pm & 8:30-9:30pm. These group sessions are designed for complete beginners that would like the opportunity to start learning an instrument whilst studying here at Cambridge. 

We will be learning on nylon string guitars, with instruments available to loan from us, allowing you to be fully prepared to start learning. 

These sessions are limited and will be offered in a first-come basis, so make sure to sign up if you are interested. 

Sign-ups for Michaelmas term have been closed due to the high demand. If spaces become available for Lent term, they will be advertised on the CMP Hub and Website

Individual lessons

Developing Students that would like to take their learning further, can access individual one-to-one lessons with our professional teacher. 

These are designed for our intermediate/advanced students who are wanting want to have regular lessons whilst at university. The CMP will reimburse 50% of the lesson fee, once all attended, and are a great way to develop your playing further whilst studying at Cambridge University. 

These individual lessons slots will take place fortnightly Mondays 12:00-6:30pm at Newnham College. 

Register your interest here

Deadline for sign-up is 9am 9 October 

About our guitar teacher

Lessons will be taught by Jon Gjylaci – a highly experienced guitar tutor who also teaches at the Royal Northern College of Music and at Rugby School.




What standard do I need to be to have these lessons? 

Group sessions are for everyone and require no prior experience. These sessions are designed for people that have never had the chance to learn guitar before and would like to give it a go whilst at university. 

Individual lessons are available for our developing players, these are guitar players who have learnt before university, or have developed quickly in the group sessions, and would like to build their playing ability to a higher standard. 

I am not a Music student; can I still learn? 

There are no subject or college requirements from these sessions, so everyone is welcome 

I haven’t been able to get into the lessons this term, will I get another chance? 

If you are unsuccessful for the group or Individual Guitar lessons this term, your details will be stored on our waiting list for future terms.