When: March 16, 2024 7:30 pm

Please note that this event is not organised by the Centre for Music Performance, and as such, the Centre cannot accept any responsibility for inaccuracies in its listing. Any questions or concerns related to the performance and event details should be directed to the ensemble or performers responsible for this event.

Lent on the Iberian Peninsula | Continuum Choir

Saturday 16 March at 7.30pm
Clare College Chapel


The programme uses seven liturgical verses of the Latin hymn, Vexilla Regis, a foundation for traversing the rich textual and compositional connections found in Iberian music. With chant interspersed with polyphonic settings, vernacular carols and hymns from the Iberian Peninsula the concert reimages the liturgical Vexilla Regis in a retrospective and contemporary context. The programme culminates in a new extended commission by Cambridge-based Carlos Rodríguez Otero that draws its inspiration from this Iberian musical tradition. The concert and commission are generously supported by Professor Eric Nye.

Works performed will include Alonso Lobo’s Versa est in Luctum, Tomas Luis de Victoria’s Magnificat Primi Toni, Francesco Guerrero’s Ave Virgo Sanctissima and lesser-known Spanish motets and songs including a selection of Guerrero’s Villancicos and King Alfonso X’s Cantigas de Santa Maria.

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