Postgraduate students are encouraged to play a full part in their college’s music scene, including in chapel choirs. They may apply for a Choral Award in the same way as undergraduates, and should read carefully the information on the main Choral Awards pages (including the undergraduate FAQs).

Below are some frequently-asked questions specifically regarding postgraduates and the Intercollegiate Choral Award Scheme. If your question is not answered here, please check the Undergraduate FAQs.

I have received an offer from the University / my Faculty, but have not yet been allocated a College. Can I still apply through the Scheme?

In this scenario you should not apply through the Scheme, but instead wait until after the end of March before approaching Directors of Music directly, as by this stage vacancies for the forthcoming academic year will be known.

I note I am required to put my own College Choir as first choice on the application form, but the nature of my course means the weekly routine would not be possible for me. Can I apply for a volunteer place in a Choir with fewer weekly rehearsals / services?

Students are encouraged to sing in their own college choir where possible, but we recognise that there are occasions when this would not be appropriate. If you feel this is the case, you should contact your own College’s Director of Music in the first instance; they will be pleased to advise and can help to facilitate auditions for other choirs in Cambridge.

As a postgraduate Choral Award-holder/volunteer would I receive the same benefits as an undergraduate award-holder/volunteer?

For a definitive answer we would recommend you contact the Director of Music of your particular choir, but essentially – yes, this should be the case.

I have received an offer for a postgraduate course at Cambridge but the deadline for the March Choral Trials has now passed. Will there be another opportunity for me to audition for a Choral Award before I come up to Cambridge?

You would need to make direct contact with the Director of Music at your College to arrange an audition before or upon arrival in Cambridge.

How many vacancies generally remain after the March Choral Trials? If I am unable to participate in the Intercollegiate Scheme will I still find a place in a College Choir?

Vacancies remaining after the Trials for the forthcoming academic year tend to vary from year to year; however, it would be highly unlikely that you would be unable to find a place in a choir. Our Twitter feed is kept as up-to-date as possible with regards to vacancies.