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Centre for Music Performance

Simon Fairclough

I’m thrilled to introduce the university’s newly established Centre for Music Performance, which has been established to enable students of all subjects, backgrounds and levels of musical ability – as well as members of the local community – to make music of all genres a core part of life at Cambridge.

In establishing the Centre the university has made a visionary commitment to the place of music within a Cambridge education, recognising both the joy which it brings to so many of us and also its potential to foster excellence, support mental health and wellbeing and promote inclusivity.

These are not new ideas.  People have been performing and listening to music at Cambridge for centuries, and today the musical scene is thriving.  Hundreds of students benefit from the transformational experience of music-making each year; professional musicians ranging from chart-topping bands to internationally-renowned conductors have launched their careers here; and the quality of the choral music which thrives at college level is admired worldwide. 

The Centre will build on this tradition and enable an even broader range of students to enjoy and perform music.  Complementing the world-class musical traditions which thrive at college level, and working in partnership with a wide network of student societies, we aim to:

  • Enhance even further opportunities for the university’s most talented musicians
  • Support, enable and encourage student-led music-making
  • Develop provision in a diverse range of musical genres which have historically been less prominent within the university
  • Offer introductory programmes for musical beginners.

Whether you're a student, a member of staff, an alumna or alumnus or a local resident, we'd love to hear your thoughts as we scope detailed plans for the Centre’s first few years.  Email us directly on

We look forward to hearing from you.

Simon Fairclough, Director, Centre for Music Performance