When: October 21, 2023 5:00 pm
Where: St Catharine’s College

Shamit Tyagi Masterclass

Saturday 21 October 2023 5:00-7:00pm
McGrath Centre, St. Catharine’s College

Shamit Tyagi and his ensemble will be visiting the University to give a masterclass on contemporary and classical Indian songwriting and performance.

Shamit has been a student of Hindustani Classical music from last 25 years. he received his initial training from Shri Haridutt Sharma in Ghaziabad and then from Shri Mohinderjit Singh in Mumbai. He has also undergone training in Western Classical vocal from Mr. Hurchul Young from Delhi School of Music and has undergone voice training with Mr. Anant Vaidyanathan in Mumbai and Eric Arceneaux in Virginia, USA.

Shamit achieved fame as a finalist of Fame Gurukul, a music reality show on Sony TV in 2005 and from there has given more than 400 live performances as a soloist, both in India and abroad, has given voices to many Bollywood projects as well as has collaborated with many International musicians. Recently contributed in the creation of “Naari Shakti” that was played for India’s 74th Republic Day Parade,2023, an annual event held at the national scale, in the presence of the President and the Prime Minister of India. 

Shamit recently founded United Cultural Association of Artistes for Peace with the intention to contribute to peace and happiness of the people through the power of art and culture. He believes that the role of art and artist is much more than entertainment. It is to bring joy and ignite hope, It is to harmonise and unite people of different backgrounds.


In this performance masterclass, Shamit will be looking at the influence of Western Music on Indian Classical, and how this fusion has developed the genre.

He will also explore the role of community and culture in music, and the importance of listening in Indian Classical music.


This session is only open to University of Cambridge students. Attendance is free and no booking is required. Please arrive before 5pm, seating is allocated first-come-first-serve and late attendees may be turned away.