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Centre for Music Performance


Covid-19 advice 

The Centre for Music Performance recognises that the ongoing impact of Covid-19 is continuing to disrupt student music-making across the University. 

Although we are unable to give specific advice to event-organisers or venues, the following general suggestions may be helpful for those considering the practicalities of staging events at this time.

  1. We suggest that when putting on an event you speak with the people who run your rehearsal and performance venues - whether they are within your college, elsewhere in the university or in the local community - at the earliest possible opportunity to find out which Covid-19 mitigation measures will be in place and to consider how these might impact your plans.  It will be important to keep in touch with your venues if things change.  It is likely that venues may require you to complete a risk assessment considering both Covid-related and other risks and how to mitigate them: they may be able to supply guidance or a template to help with this.
  2. For background information you may find it helpful to understand the protocols which are in place for performances at West Road Concert Hall and within the Centre for Music Performance.  These can be found here.
  3. Clear communication with audience members and performers alike will be helpful to ensure that your events go as smoothly as possible.  We encourage you to keep student performers, any professional guest musicians and your audience members informed about the rules you are following.
  4. At the time of writing many fantastic events are being cancelled due to the number of performers testing positive.  It is worth encouraging your performers to take extra care in the days before a performance.